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Forced Heirship Provisions Now Apply To British Citizens

Forced heirship provisions now apply to British citizens

The Wills and Succession Law determines who will inherit a person’s estate when they pass away.  Cyprus succession law provides for “forced heirship”. The rules of forced heirship in Cyprus are fairly complex and inheritance depends upon which family members survive the deceased. The significance is that law determines who will inherit a person’s estate when they die.

British citizens and citizens of former British colonies were exempt from forced heirship provisions and could decide themselves by will, who will inherit their estate in Cyprus.

On the 03.07.2015, the Wills and Succession Law was amended. As a result of the recent amendment to the law, forced heirship provisions now apply to anyone who at the time of their passing is domiciled in Cyprus and to the succession to any real estate located in Cyprus, regardless of the domicile of the deceased person.

The freedom which existed for certain testators to bequeath their assets in Cyprus as they wished has now been abolished. Forced heirship now applies to British citizens and citizens of former British colonies.

The above should be used as a source of general information only. It is not intended to give a definitive statement of the law.

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