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Cyprus Probate – FAQ

1. How is the estate of a deceased person administered? If the deceased left a Will, they will have usually have named a person or persons to execute the the Will. The person nominated in the Will is the executor.…

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Wills in Cyprus – FAQ

1. Is it compulsory to make a Will in Cyprus? No, it is not. It is however advisable in most cases. 2. What happens if someone passes away without having left a will? If someone passes away without having left…

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Contesting a Cyprus Will

There a number of grounds under which it may be possible to contest / challenge a Cyprus Will. These grounds include: lack of legal capacitylack of valid executionundue influencefraud / forgery andconstruction. 1. Lack of legal capacity Section 23 of…

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Methods of succession under Cyprus Law

The estate of a deceased person may be disposed or distributed by a Will or without a will. The right of a person to dispose his estate in accordance with the provisions of his Will is not absolute and is…

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Cyprus Probate (Re-Sealing) Law

The legal doctrine of “Lex rei sitae” provides that the law of the country where immovable property (house or land) is situated governs the transfer of title to property.With regards to immovable property registered in the name of diseased persons,…

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